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Deny Me Not

Cry not to me, "thou hast wronged"

Say not, of my footsteps, "that they be unheeding"

With steps so steady and sure as time,

I tread unto a sea of fire,

Of heartbreak, and of joy supreme.

Yet terrifying for its unending depth, of fatality, humility, tragedy, and through these,

ghostly reality.

God above, call not your wrath upon me.

Demand me not to hate my love.

Order me not to cast out my heart.

Recognize my love.

Bestow blessings, as should love be blessed.

Recognize its glowing purity.

Not incomprehension, which mars its beauty.

Oh, God , deny not my love to me.

'Tis helpless, 'tis crippled.

Yet, 'tis worthy of thee.