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The Judy Garland Show - Episode Thirteen

Guests: Peggy Lee, Jack Carter and Carl Reiner


"It's a Good Day" (Judy)

"Never Will I Marry" (Judy)

"Kids" (Jack Carter)

"When the World Was Young" (Peggy Lee)

Duet/Medley: "I Love Bein' Here With You"/ "It's a Good Day"/ "Over the Rainbow"/ "Under the Bamboo Tree"/ "Witch Doctor" (Judy and Peggy Lee)

Medley: "My Defenses Are Down"/ "They Say It's Wonderful"/ "This Nearly Was Mine"/ "I'm Gonna Wish That Man Right Out of My Hair"/ "I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face"/ "A Hymn to Him"/ "Wouldn't it Be Loverly"/ "Too Close for Comfort"/ "Mr. Wonderful" (Judy and Jack Carter)

Tea for Two: Carl Reiner

Medley: "I Like Men"/ "You Make Me Feel So Young"/ "Tess's Torch Song"/ "Fever"/ "It's So Nice to Have a Man Around the House"/ "I'm Just Wild About Harry"/ "Charlie My Boy"/ "Oh Johnny"/ "Big Bad Bill"/ "Bill Bailey" (Judy and Peggy Lee)

Born in a Trunk: "How About Me"/ "When Your Smiling"/ "Maybe I'll Come Back"