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The Judy Garland Show - Episode Seventeen

Guests: Chita Rivera, Vic Damone, Ken Murray and Louis Nye


"They Can't Take That Away From Me" (Judy)

"I Believe In You" (Judy, Louis Nye and Chita Rivera)

"You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You" (Vic Damone)

"I Got Plenty o' Nuttin'" (Chita Rivera)

"By Myself" (Judy)

Ken Murray's Hollywood Home Movies (Ken Murray shows Judy films of stars off the screen.)

Medley: "Maria"/ "Somethings Coming"/ "Maria"/ "Somewhere"/ "Tonight" (Judy and Vic Damone)

Born in a Trunk: "Better Luck Next Time"/ "Almost Like Being In Love"/ "This Can't Be Love"/ "Maybe I'll Come Back"