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The Judy Garland Show - Episode Eight

Guests: Leo Durocher, Jack Carter, George Maharis, the Dillards and Jerry Van Dyke


"Alexander's Ragtime Band" (Judy)

Be My Guest: Judy, Jack Carter and George Maharis

"I Wish You Love" (Judy)

"A Funny Thing Happened" (Jack Carter)

"Goodbye" (George Maharis)

"Side By Side" (Judy and George Maharis)

Tea for Two: Leo Durocher/ "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" (Judy and Leo Durocher)

"Buckin' Mule" (The Dillards)

Medley: "Y'all come"/ "Crawfishen'"/ "Somebody Touched Me"/ "Way Back Home"/ "Nobody's Business"/ "Way, Way In the Middle of the Air"/ "Y'all Come" (reprise) (Judy, Jack Carter, George Maharis, Jerry Van Dyke)

Born in a Trunk: Judy tells the feather boa story/ "Swanee"/ "Maybe I'll Come Back"