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Judy Quote of the Day:


I sing, you know

I've never peeked through a keyhole without someone looking back

You've got a pretty strong grip, for a boy

Roses are red, John's name is Truitt, Esther's in love and we always knew it!

Well his are brown, - I thought you said they were blue - well they are. I mean, one of them is...

Hello everyone. This is Mrs. Norman Maine

You mean like a prize fighter or a fish?

Under the clock at the Astor at 7!

ONLY phsycological!

I've hung on to every bit of rubbish there is to hang on to in life and I've thrown all the good bits away!

Judy: How are ya this morning Punchy? - Bing: Punchy - Judy: Huh? ... Oh!

I know I'm no glamour girl like Baby, like her. But someday you'll realize that glamour isn't everything.

Here. I suppose you want this back too. INDIAN GIVER!

LIZA! You know, I feel real....dumb when you do that.

You're so good I hate you!

I can sing, ya wanna hear me?

...just stood there in the ruins...and sang! Ah ah ah ah ah aaand saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang!

You go to my head and I forgot the gol-darn words!

I'm Dorothy Gale, from Kansas

Orville, if you do anything to stop this show, I won't just break our engagement, I'll break your head!

Van Dyke. I gotta get me a nice front-handle for that. I got it! Mureen. - Well that's right fancy, where'd ya get it? - Off'n a bottle.

Reminds me of a song. Oh what a pal was Mary.

But they were such beautiful words...The telephone, Madamme.


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