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Here's a press release I found about Judy when she was still a young star. I thought it was very interesting, but not always truthful!


She's grown some from the toddling tot of those days into a star of screen and radio. She's almost five feet three inches tall, but has the same curly brown-red hair, the same big, round brown eyes, and even the same half dozen freckles marching across her nose. She isn't interested enough in make-up to do anything about covering them up. In fact she refuses to use anything but lipstick-no false eyelashes or thick powder base for Judy. She washes her own hair, in fact washes it in the shower and sets it herself. Speaking of showers, she prefers them to the tub-in fact she refuses to take a bath and does so only when she has a cold and feels that a hot bath before bed might help. Then she'll take a bath instead of a shower, slip into pajamas (doesn't like nightgowns), sucks a lemon in bed and says she knows she'll wake up in the morning minus a cold. Never does she go to bed before she takes her setting up exercises. Worries about being fat but consoles herself that it's only baby fat and that she's bound to be thin the older she gets. So she keeps right on eating chocolate cake, ice cream with fudge sauce, spaghetti and chili. She hates salads, but loves candy bars. When she has ice cream for dessert she'll forego the candy bar, but when she has cake she has candy too. However, she always says she's dieting. Perhaps it's because she remembers the time orders were issued the waitress in the studio commissary to give Judy soup no matter what she ordered. It didn't matter where Judy sat, or what she thought she was going to get-it was always soup. But she only weighs 110, so she doesn't worry.




 She's as enthusiastic about her pet likes as she is about her friends. When she buys one dress she thinks particularly lovely, she buys it in all colors- but likes blue best. And she hates to throw away old clothes. Has her closets stacked with them. Once a year cleans out and gives them to the Good Will, but it is like parting with old friends. However, everyone is welcome to borrow her clothes. Shares them with her sisters and friends- but not her shoes, which are her favorites. Has them in all colors- size 5B. She likes sport clothes best, and can't resist costume jewelry, has three bureau drawers filled with "gadgets". She takes care of her own clothes and her own suite of rooms, although Fleming and Leona, the two household servants, enjoy waiting on their young mistress- but that's taboo in the Garland home. When she feels sorry for herself over some fancied slight, she plays sad music and cries to herself. Then plays her game of "Pretend" and envisions herself a great opera singer, or a glamorous beauty- celebrated her eighteenth birthday with a real grown-up party at Ciro's- has scores of friends, but still clings to her old ones- is thrilled with her new brothers Bill and Jack, 19 and 21, and her new sister Ruth, her own age.

They are the Gilmores, and Judy's stepbrothers and stepsister, since her mother's marriage last year to William Gilmore of Santa Paula. She has as much fun at the Gilmore home in Santa Paula where she is just little Judy, and where Bill and Jack are the celebrities because they are stars on California's football team, as she does at glittering Hollywood premieres. It's fun to hero worship once in a while instead of being hero- worshipped. She's growing up in other things too. Biographies, travel tales, literature of art and music are replacing her favorite "girl" books. Music is a thrilling adventure into the masters rather than a series of swing tunes for jitterbug steps. She realizes the great influence her mother has had in her life. Knows the courage, patience, and tact it took to manage and keep happy the three little girls, particularly after her dad's death. She hopes to catch her mother's charecter on paper someday- so that others will know her strength.


But she also admits to still thinking the "Call of the Wild" the greatest motion picture, and can't help a weakness for cartoons, especially Madame Cluck, the Barnyard Opera singer. She isn't afraid of anything except thunderstorms, is an expert driver, believes she has the cutest dog in Hollywood even though he's a giant St. Bernard named "Sergei" who knocks you down just by wagging his tail. Judy Garland- star at eighteen- is still young enough to be impatient for the future- yet old enough to think it's fun to remember.


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