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This Month's Judy Quiz Champions are: Missy, Nibor Senrak, Sean Orlosky, Lori Bendat, Jon Williams & Paul......!

This Month's Judy Quiz Is:

  1. On Judy's first television appearance, she introduced the song, "Rockabye Your Baby (With a Dixie Melody). What was the title of the show?

  2. The medley, "Judy's Olio," which she sang in her concerts, most often consisted of what songs?

  3. Where was Judy living when she died?

  4. Approximately how many fans, is it said, attended Judy's funeral? (Including those who lined the streets outside the service)

  5. How old were Judy's children when she died? (Sorry to make these questions so sad)

Answers to last month's quiz: 1. 26 2. Phil Silvers 3. Mickey Deans 4. Joey 5. Henry Lathrop

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