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The Judy Garland Show

Judy With Andy WilliamsA Complete Listing Of Every Episode And Where You Can Buy ThemJudy With Andy Williams

The Judy Garland Show, Episode 1

Her guests were Mickey Rooney and Jerry Van Dyke


"I Feel a Song Comin' On" (Judy)

All I Need is the Girl (Mickey Rooney)

Medley: "When I'm Not Near the Girl I Love"/ "Girls"/ " Thank Heaven for Little Girls"

(Mickey Rooney)

"When the Sun Comes Out" (Judy)

Medley: "Where or When"/ " How About You?"/ "But Not for Me"

"Fascinating Rhythm"/ "God's Country"/ "Could You Use Me?"/ "Our Love Affair"( reprise) "How About You?" (Mickey and Judy)

Born in a Trunk: "Too Late Now"/ "Who Cares?"/ "Old Man River"/ "Maybe I'll Come Back" (Judy)

Episode 2

Her guests were Count Basie, Mel Torme, Judy Henske, and Jerry Van Dyke


Medley: "I Hear Music"/ "The Sweetest Sounds"/ "Strike Up the Band" (Judy and Count Basie)

"Fascinating Rhythm" (Mel Torme)

"Memories of You" (Judy)

"Shiny Stockings" (Dancers)

"God Bless the Child" (Judy Henske)

"Peter, Paul and Irving" (Judy Henske, Mel Torme and Jerry Van Dyke)

Medley: "One O'Clock Jump" / "I Can't Stop Loving You"/ "I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm"/ "Don't Dream of Anybody but Me"/ "April in Paris" (Judy, Mel Torme and Count Basie)

"One Note Samba" (Jerry Van Dyke and Count Basie)

"Soul Bassa Nova" (Judy and Dancers)

Born in a Trunk: "A Cottage for Sale"/ "Hey Look Me Over"/ "Maybe I'll Come Back"

Episode 3

Her guests were Liza Minnelli, Soupy Sales, The Brothers Castro and Jerry Van Dyke


"Liza" (Judy)

"Come Rain or Come Shine" (Judy)

"Together" (Judy and Liza)

"Put on a Happy Face" (Liza and dancers)

"I'm Calm" (Jerry Van Dyke and Soupy Sales)

Medley: "We Could Make Such Beautiful Music Together"/ "The Best is Yet to Come"/ "Bye, Bye Baby"/ "Bob White" (Judy and Liza)

"You are for Loving" (Liza)

"Judy's Number One Fan" (comedy sketch) (Judy and Soupy Sales)

"Malaguena" (The Brothers Castro)

"You Make Me Feel So Young" (The Brothers Castro and dancers)

Born in a Trunk: "As Long as He Needs Me" (Judy)

"Let Me Entertain You" (Liza)

"Two Lost Souls" (Judy and Liza)

"Maybe I'll Come Back" (Judy and Liza)

Episode 4

Her guests were Lena Horne, Terry-Thomas, and Jerry Van Dyke


"Day In, Day Out" (Judy and Lena Horne)

"I Want to Be Happy" (Lena Horne)

"Where is Love?" (Lena Horne

"He Loves Me" (Lena Horne)

Tea for Two: Terry-Thomas "A Foggy Day" (Judy)

Medley: "Honeysuckle Rose"/ "Meet Me In St. Louis"/ "Deed I Do"/ "Zing Went the Strings of My Heart"/ "It's All Right With Me"/ "The Trolley Song"/ "Love" (Judy and Lena Horne)

"Mad Dogs and Englishman" (Judy, Lena Horne, Terry Thomas and dancers)

Born in a Trunk: Judy tells the story of how she lost the Academy Award/ "The Man That Got Away"/ "Maybe I'll Come Back"

Episode 5

Her guests were Tony Bennet, Dick Shawn and Jerry Van Dyke (Have you guessed yet that he was a regular?)


"Yes Indeed" (Judy, Tony Bennet, Dick Shawn and dancers)

"Honestly Sincere" (Dick Shawn and Jerry Van Dyke)

"True Blue Lou" (Tony Bennet)

"Keep Smiling at Trouble" (Tony Bennet)

Medley: "Night Train"/ "Lullaby of Broadway"/ "Carolina in the Morning"/ "Kansas City"/ "When the Midnight Choo-Choo Leaves for Alabam'"/ "Big D" (Judy and Tony Bennet)

Tea for Two: Steve Allen

"That's All" (Judy)

"One for My Baby" (Judy, Jerry Van Dyke, dancers and the chorus)

"My Buddy" (Judy and Dick Shawn)

Born in a Trunk: Judy tells the story about a moth that flew into her mouth while she was doing a concert/ "Stormy Weather"/ "Maybe I'll Come Back"

Episode 6

Her guests were Steve Lawrence, June Allyson and, of course, Jerry Van Dyke.


"Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries" (Judy and dancers)

"Happiness is Just a Thing Called Joe" (Judy)

"I've Got You Under My Skin" (Steve Lawrence)

"Time After Time" (Steve Lawrence)

Be My Guest: Judy and Steve Lawrence

"The Doodlin' Song" (June Allyson and dancers)

"Tea for Two"/ "The Doodlin' Song" (Judy and June Allyson)

Tea for Two: June Allyson/ "Just Imagine" (Judy and June Allyson)

"I'm in the Mood for Love" (Judy, June Allyson and Steve Lawrence)

Medley: "Buckle Down Winsocki"/ "Honey"/ "Cleopatterer"/ "Thou Swell"/ "Look for the Silver Lining"/ "Till the Clouds Roll By" (Judy, June Allyson and Steve Lawrence)

Born in a Trunk: Judy tells the Naughty Marietta story/ "San Francisco"/ "Maybe I'll Come Back"

Episode 7

Her guests were Donald O'Connor and Jerry Van Dyke


"Call Me Irresponsible" (Judy and chorus)

"Keep Your Sunny Side Up" (Judy)

"Sing You Sinners" (Donald O'Connor, dancers and chorus)

Be My Guest: Judy and Donald O'Connor

Medley: "Inka Dinka Doo"/ "If You Knew Susie"/ "My Mammy"/ "Indian Love Call"/ "Rose Marie"/ "Will You Remember?"/ "Stout Hearted Men"/ "Italian Street Song"/ "Indian Love Song" (reprise)/ "Be My Guest" (Judy and Donald O'Connor)

"Fly Me To The Moon" (Judy)

"The World is Your Balloon" (Judy, Donald O'Connor, Jerry Van Dyke, chorus and dancers)

Tea for Two: Donald O'Connor/ "H-A-R-R-I-G-A-N" (Donald O'Connor)

Medley: "In Those Good Old Days of Vaudeville"/ "Nagasaki"/ "Yacka Hula Hickey Dula"/ "You Can Always Find a Little Sunshine at the Y.M.C.A"/ "At the Moving Picture Ball"/ "The Old Soft Shoe" (Judy and Donald O'Connor)

Born in a Trunk: Judy tells about the stagehand who got caught in the curtain story/ "Chicago"/ "Maybe I'll Come Back"

Episode 8

Her guests were Leo Durocher, Jack Carter, George Maharis, the Dillards and Jerry Van Dyke.


"Alexander's Ragtime Band" (Judy)

Be My Guest: Judy, Jack Carter and George Maharis

"I Wish You Love" (Judy)

"A Funny Thing Happened" (Jack Carter)

"Goodbye" (George Maharis)

"Side By Side" (Judy and George Maharis)

Tea for Two: Leo Durocher/ "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" (Judy and Leo Durocher)

"Buckin' Mule" (The Dillards)

Medley: "Y'all come"/ "Crawfishen'"/ "Somebody Touched Me"/ "Way Back Home"/ "Nobody's Business"/ "Way, Way In the Middle of the Air"/ "Y'all Come" (reprise) (Judy, Jack Carter, George Maharis, Jerry Van Dyke)

Born in a Trunk: Judy tells the feather boa story/ "Swanee"/ "Maybe I'll Come Back"

Episode 9

Her guests were Barbra Streisand, The Smothers Brothers, Ethel Merman and Jerry Van Dyke.


"Comes Once in My Lifetime" (Judy)

Be My Guest: Judy, Barbra Streisand, The Smothers Brothers and Jerry Van Dyke

"Just in Time" (Judy)

Medley: "I Talk to the Trees"/ "Dance Boatman Dance" (The Smothers Brothers)

"Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered" (Barbra Streisand)

"Down With Love" (Barbra Steisand)

Medley: "Get Happy" "Happy Days Are Here Again" (Judy and Barbra Steisand)

Tea for Two: Judy, Barbra Streisand and Ethel Merman

"There's No Business Like Show Business" (Judy, Barbra Streisand and Ethel Merman )

"Happy Harvest" (Judy)

Medley: "Hooray For Love"/ "After You've Gone"/ "By Myself"/ "S' Wonderful"/ "How About You"/ "Lover Come Back To Me"/ "You and the Night and the Music"/ "It All Depends On You" (Judy and Barbra Streisand)

Born in a Trunk: "You Made Me Love You"/ "For Me and My Gal"/ "The Trolley Song"/ "Maybe I'll Come Back"

Episode 10

Her guests were Jane Powell, Ray Bolger and Jerry Van Dyke.


"A Lot of Living to Do" (Judy)

Be My Guest: Judy, Jane Powell and Ray Bolger

"Hello Bluebird" (Judy)

"If Love Were All" (Judy)

"Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart" (Judy)

Medley: "Margie"/ "Sweet Lorraine"/ "Cecilia"/ "The Lady in Red"/ "Maria"/ "When I'm Not Near the Girl I Love"/ "Katie" (Ray Bolger)

"Dear Friend" (Jane Powell)

Medley: "Romantic Duets"/ "I Remember It Well"/ "Make Believe"/ "Will You Remember?"/ "Finale" (Judy, Jerry Van Dyke and Jane Powell)

Tea for Two: "If I Only Had a Brain"/ "Were Off to See the Wizard" (Judy and Ray Bolger)

"The Jitterbug" (Judy, Ray Bolger and Jane Powell)

Born in a Trunk: "When Your Lover Has Gone"/ "Some People"/ "Maybe I'll Come Back"

Episode 11

Her guests were Jayne Meadows, Steve Allen and Mel Torme.


"This Could Be the Start of Something Big" (Judy)

Be My Guest: Judy, Mel Torme and Steve Allen/ "Cheer for Old Hyde Park"/ "We're From Old Metro"

"Here's That Rainy Day" (Judy)

"One Man Show" (Steve Allen) (comedy)

Medley: "I Love You Today"/ "When I'm In Love"/ "I'll Show Them All" (Judy and Steve Allen)

"Comin' Home Baby" (Mel Torme)

"The Party's Over" (Judy and Mel Torme)

Tea for Two: Jayne Meadows

Medley: "Ain't Misbehavin'"/ "Makin' Whoopee"/ "The Glory of Love"/ "Way Back Home"/ "Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams"/ "You Took Advantage of Me"/ "Mean To Me"/ "The Girl Friend"/ "Tip Toe Through the Tulips"/ "Truckin'"/ "Gypsy in My Soul"/ "Nice Work if You Can Get It"/ "The Glory of Love"/ "My Heart Stood Still"/ "Let's Do It" (Judy, Steve Allen and Mel Torme)

Born in a Trunk: "Island in the West Indies"/ "Through the Years"/ "Maybe I'll Come Back"

Episode 12

Her guests were Vic Damone and Zina Bethune


"From This Moment On" (Judy)

Be My Guest: Judy, Vic Damone and Zina Bethune

"Moon River" (Judy)

"Crazy Rhythm" (Zina Bethune)

"Getting to Know You" (Judy and Zina Bethune)

Medley: "On the Street Where You Live"/ "Let's Take An Old Fashioned Walk" (Vic Damone)

Medley: "Where is My Bess"/ "Summertime"/ "It Ain't Necessarily So"/ "Summertime"/ "I Got Plenty o' Nuttin'"/ "There's a Boat That's Leavin' Soon For New York"/ "Bess, You Is My Women Now" (Judy and Vic Damone)

Tea for Two: George Jessel

Medley: "Auld Lang Syne"/ "Deck the Halls"/ "Easter Parade"/ "Dear Old Donagel"/ "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime"/ "Yankee Doodle Boy"/ "You're a Grand Old Flag"/ "Thank Heaven for Little Girls"/ "Happy Birthday to You"/ "Me and My Shadow"/ "M-O-T-H-E-R"/ "Seasons Greetings" (Judy, Vic Damone and Zina Bethune)

"Smile" (Judy)

"Rock-a-bye Your Baby With a Dixie Melody" (Judy)

"Maybe I'll Come Back" (Judy)

Episode 13

Her guests were Peggy Lee, Jack Carter and Carl Reiner.


"It's a Good Day" (Judy)

"Never Will I Marry" (Judy)

"Kids" (Jack Carter)

"When the World Was Young" (Peggy Lee)

Duet/Medley: "I Love Bein' Here With You"/ "It's a Good Day"/ "Over the Rainbow"/ "Under the Bamboo Tree"/ "Witch Doctor" (Judy and Peggy Lee)

Medley: "My Defenses Are Down"/ "They Say It's Wonderful"/ "This Nearly Was Mine"/ "I'm Gonna Wish That Man Right Out of My Hair"/ "I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face"/ "A Hymn to Him"/ "Wouldn't it Be Loverly"/ "Too Close for Comfort"/ "Mr. Wonderful" (Judy and Jack Carter)

Tea for Two: Carl Reiner

Medley: "I Like Men"/ "You Make Me Feel So Young"/ "Tess's Torch Song"/ "Fever"/ "It's So Nice to Have a Man Around the House"/ "I'm Just Wild About Harry"/ "Charlie My Boy"/ "Oh Johnny"/ "Big Bad Bill"/ "Bill Bailey" (Judy and Peggy Lee)

Born in a Trunk: "How About Me"/ "When Your Smiling"/ "Maybe I'll Come Back"

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