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Decorating Garland

Turn Your Judy Room Into a Garland Haven

Here are just a few simple ideas to embellish your existing Judy room. If you don't already have a Judy room, try a few of these ideas to help you get started.

Decoupage Your Light Switch Cover


A Judy Light Switch Plate Cover

An Oz Light Switch Plate Cover

I Made This One Myself

I Bought This One


What you need:

Decoupage Finish

Picture(s) of Judy (I just printed some off the Internet, but magazine photos work best)

A Blank Light Switch Cover



1. Cut out your picture(s)

2. Brush a little decoupage onto the back of the photo

3. Place each picture onto the switch cover and smooth them out

4. Let it dry completely

5. Brush a coat of decoupage over the picture(s) (only after they are dry)

6. Wait about ten minutes, then brush on another coat of decoupage and let it dry

7. Put your switch cover onto the light switch and CAREFULLY screw it on

8. Stand back and admire the new addition to your Judy room!


You can use decoupage to decorate many different things. It works on almost any surface. So try it with bulletin boards, wooden or plastic footstools, even the cup holder in your bathroom!

A Wizard of Oz Fish Tank

If you already have a tank than there isn't much else you need.

1. Yellow, Green, and Pink Gravel (Don't buy them in the mixed package unless you want to sort them out)

2. A Background Picture (the picture below is the one I used)

Dorothy and Friends On the Yellow Brick Road

My tank is only about 5 gallons, so the picture fit nicely. If you have a larger tank then you may have to have your picture blown up to the correct size.

Putting It All Together

(Note: If you already have your tank up and running with fish swimming around then you'll probably want to clean out the whole tank before you begin)


1. Get your gravel ready by washing it in clean water

2. Mix the green and pink colors thoroughly (to make them look like the poppies)

3. Tape your picture to the outside back of the tank

4. Fill your tank with water (make sure the water has set at least 24 hours before you put your fish in)

5. Add your gravel, but make sure to leave a little path near the center of the tank for the Yellow Brick Road (try to match this up with the picture)

6. Carefully add the yellow gravel into the pathway (try not to let it mix with the pink and green)

7. Let it all settle for a few hours

8. Add your fish (red and yellow fish look beautiful against the gravel)

Now Stand back and admire the Ozzie effect!


Have you got a great decorating idea? Send it to me

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