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The Oz Quiz

Test for Ozians!

Congratulations to Quizzer's Tracee Kambic, Juliette Greco, Rick Gosselaar, R.L.K., Annie Tucker, Marissa, Sean Orlosky, Elle, David B. Reynolds, Brittany, Stephen McAliister, Jessica, Raz, Steve, Jessie, Emily, Erin Boylan, Jen Hamby, Krista Morris, Erin Konrad, Stephanie, Alan, David Townsen, Armando Gomez, Mindy Gale, Cody, David Frank, Julie, Tina, Oleta Paige, Shannon, Lynda Newman, Aubrey, Rashmi Wimalaratna, Chandra, Cathleen, Stephanie, Sarah, Erin, Erin Casey, Rachel Kaplan & Celine Tokat, Liz Hershy, Kayley Hoddick, Julie, Michelle, Jessica, Molly, Claire Chester, Maggie Wylie, Marisa L., Adrienne Bowers, Sarah Loepp, Fernando, Kim Gray, Kiera, Amy Matthews, Sarah, M.L.L., Alan Wilson, Missy Yearian, Jacob Bean, Annah Rottman, Stu Pott, John, Vickie, Jen Lancrad, Langley Denton, Kira, Jane Vermillion, Christi Leland, Beverly Shields, Lisa, Aaron Mitchell, Annette Nash, Kiera J, Nikki, Lindsay S., Jenna Crispo, Miska, Anna, Linzi & Katie Sylvester! WOW! Congrats guys!......Answer 35 of 40 questions correctly and have your name posted here! (Unless otherwise stated, all questions pertain to the 1939 MGM film)

1. What was the scarecrow's farmhand name?

2. In the Oz books, what color were the ruby slippers?

3. What substance was used to color the horse of a different color?

4. What roles did Frank Morgan play?

5. Who was originally chosen to play the tin man? (Hint: not Buddy Ebsen)

6. What was Aunt Em's real name?

7. What was the name of the actress who player her?

8. In how many seconds did Glinda say that the ruby slippers would take Dorothy home?

9. Why were Uncle Henry and Auntie Em moving the chicks at the beginning of the film?

10. What object does Dorothy get knocked out with when in her room?

11. What was the name of the bug that the Witch "sent on ahead to take the fight out of them?"

12. How many Academy Awards did the film win?

13. Who wrote "Over the Rainbow?"

14. How many directors worked on the film?

15. What color were Dorothy's shoes before she gets the ruby slippers?

16. What does Glinda say she smells after the witch leaves? (No jokes! ;o)

17. In what year was the film released?

18. How old was Judy Garland when it was released?

19. In what year did Oz come to television?

20. What is the first verse of the song the Lion sings when he meets Dorothy?

21. How old is Dorothy supposed to be in the film?

22. Which Munchkin had a huge watch?

23. What prompted Dorothy to dump the pail of water on the Witch?

24. What three men are credited with the screenplay?

25. How long is the entire film?

26. What are the Witch's guards called?

27. Who accidently releases the Wizard's balloon before Dorothy can get back in?

28. In front of what store was the music for "Over the Rainbow" written?

29. Who was the producer of the picture?

30. Which director worked on both Oz and Gone With the Wind?

31. Why was Buddy Ebsen replaced as the Tin Man?

32. What size were the ruby slippers?

33. What important number was originally cut from the film?

34. How did Frank Baum choose the name, Oz?

35. Who wore a coat in the film that originally belonged to him?

36. Where did Miss Gulch put Toto when she tried to take him?

37. What is the first verse of the song the Tin Man sings when he meets Dorothy?

38. Where did the Tin Man asked to be oiled first?

39. How did Glinda break the spell of the poppies?

40. What color was the sand in the Witches hourglass?

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