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Congratulations to Trivia Challenger's Liz Hershey, Missy, Sean Orlosky, Claire Chester, RLK & Lori Bendat.....!!! Answer 35 of 40 questions correctly and your name will be posted here...Thanks to those of you who submitted trivia questions for this quiz! It is made up entirely of your submissions...THANK YOU!


1. Name three members Judy was in the original Rat Pack with?

2. The song Dear Mr. Gable/You Made Me Love you was featured in what movie?

3. At what concert hall in New York was Judy the first "pop" performer to ever appear?

4. What was Judy's real name?

5. Who was the voice of the drunk that told Esther to sing Melancholy Baby in ASIB?

6. At what resort was Judy discoverd by a MGM talent?

7. What song and dance scene was cut from "The Wizard of Oz?"

8. How did Judy die?

9. What is Judy's dexterity?

10. For the very first taped Judy Garland Show, what was Judy's original opening song?

11. How many films did Judy begin but never completed?

12. What was Judy's name in A Star Is Born?:

13. Why did Judy want to go home in The Wizard of OZ?:

14. In what film did Judy lose a role in 1967?

15. How many Grammy awards did Judy's record "Judy at Carnegie Hall" win?

16. Judy heard the same phrase in two different movies. What was the phrase?

17. In December of which year did Judy make her stage debut?

18. What song from Strike Up the Band is being played during a scene in The Clock?

19. What was the film Meet Me In St Louis based on?

20. What was Judy's character's last name in Easter Parade?

21. Which one of Judy's husbands found her dead, and in what year?:

22. What was the name of the song that Judy took her name from?

23. On what day of the week did Judy die?

24. In what country did Judy perform her last concert?

25. Judy once broke the nose of one of her husbands. Which one?

26. What two songs did Judy use to end her 1961 Carnegie Hall concert?

27. What were the songs Judy sang that were nominated for Academy Awards?

28. What film was Judy to star in after "Easter Parade" that she could not complete?

29. In Easter Parade, at the end of the movie, what did Fred give Judy?

30. What song from "Broadway Melody of 1938" was Judy often found singing at studio parties?

31. How many songs did Judy sing in Love Finds Andy Hardy?

32. How many stars does Judy have on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

33. Where was Judy's last concert?

34. What is the title of the book Mickey Deans wrote about Judy?

35. In what year did Judy film A Star is Born?

36. Who was originally slated to play the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz?

37. In what year did Judy re-open the Palace Theater?

38. In what films did Judy sing The Boy Next Door, Dear Mr. Gable, and In Between?

39. How many films did Judy appear in with Mickey Rooney?

40. Are Judy's fans the best of all fans? (Another Hint: The answer is YES!!!)

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