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Congratulations to Trivia Challengers Jessica, Sean Orlosky, Rick Gosselaar, Tom Stockley, Chante, Kevin Smith, Kelly, Anthony DiDomenico, Suzanne D., Faith Culhane, Richard J. Gatton, Derek Lajeunesse, LeeAnne Weishaar, Courtney Woolard, Chris Burin, Emma, Sari, Eddy Roy Matten, Sian Page, Catherine, Erik Stahlberg, Lori, Krista, Tina, Michele Kilroy, Sharon, Ellen Bohan, Eddie, "Ima Nut," Melissa, Donna Leanne Jones, Austin, Catherine Palmer, Sterling Foster, Kira, Natosha Thompson, Jessica, Erin Konrad, Raz, Chad Linker, Missy Yearian, Terah, Erin, Liz, Leigh Senrak, Dr. Austin G. Brown, .....!!! Answer 35 of 40 questions correctly and your name will be posted here...


1. What was the date of Judy's first Carnegie Hall appearance?:

2. Who was the director of Summer Stock?:

3. Why did Judy look so much slimmer in the Get Happy number than in the rest of Summer Stock?:

4. What was Judy's character's last name in Judgment at Nuremberg?:

5.In what movie was Judy's number cut in which she wears her famous Get Happy tuxedo?:

6. Who was originally slated to star in Royal Wedding, but became pregnant so that Judy was given the role?:

7. In what movie did Judy sing Singin' In The Rain?:

8. Why didn't Judy complete Royal Wedding? :

9. For whom did Judy take over a radio show when his wife was dying?:

10. How old was Judy when her father died?:

11. In what month did most of Judy's marrieges take place?:

12. Who was the composer of the song that Judy took her name from?:

13. Who is said to have been responsible for giving Judy her last name?:

14. What song does Judy sing as she's leaving with the football team in Pigskin Parade?:

15. What was Judy's signature trademark that she would do at the beginning of her concerts?:

16. How much money did Judy get for each number she performed in Words & Music?:

17. What article of clothing did Judy wear in the first number she did in Words & Music that she did not wear in the second?:

18. Where was Judy's father born?:

19. At what movie premiere did Judy put her footprints in the forecourt of Grauman's Chinese?:

20. In what year did Judy make Love Finds Andy Hardy?:

21. How long was Judy married to Mark Herron?:

22. Which of Judy's children does not have a middle name?:

23. Where did the Gumms settle when they moved from Minnesota to California?:

24. What number was cut as th original finale to Presenting Lily Mars?:

25. How was Judy costumed for the original scenes of The Wizard of Oz (before costume changes)?:

26. How old was Judy when she made Meet Me In St. Louis?:

27. Who in the cast of MMISL played someone older than Esther, but in reality was younger than Judy?:

28. Which big production numbers were cut from A Star Is Born after its release?:

29. In what year was ASIB restored and re-released?:

30. What was Judy's last completed MGM film?:

31. In what year was her last MGM film released?:

32. Who composed the music and lyrics for the songs in Meet Me In St. Louis?:

33. Why was Judy's character thrown out of school in Everybody Sing?:

34. What was the first movie Judy made that also featured Ray MacDonald?:

35. How many movies did Judy make (not including shorts)?:

36. Name all five of Judy's husbands:

37. How old was Judy when she was first signed by MGM?:

38. Of what condition did Judy's father die?:

39. How many songs did Judy sing in Strike Up The Band?:

40. Is Judy the greatest entertainer in the history of the World? (HINT: The answer's YES ;o):

Your Name:


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