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The Garland I.Q. Test

Judy in publicity pic for Everybody Sing Test Your Garland KnowledgeJudy in publicity pic for Everybody Sing

What's your Garland IQ? Take this test to find out! Simply highlight the area after each question with your mouse to find the answer. Keep score then check the bottom of this page for your IQ!

When was Judy born?: June 10, 1922

What was the title of the second movie Judy did with Mickey Rooney?: Love Finds Andy Hardy

How long did it take to film "A Star is Born?": 2 Years

Where was Judy's father born?: Murfreesburo Tennessee

What was Judy's given middle name?: Ethel

How old was she when she made "Presenting Lily Mars?": 20

How many times was she married?: 5 Times

How many movies did she make (not including shorts)?: 34

What was her character name in "In the Good Old Summertime?": Veronica Fisher



Kept score? Now check your IQ below:



0-3 Correct:

You could use some brushing up on your trivia. Check out some books on Judy. Here are two I recommend: Judy Garland: World's Greatest Entertainer and Rainbow's End; The Judy Garland Show

Your IQ: Sorry, you're still a beginner.


4-5 Correct:

Pretty good, but you could still use a little practice.

Your IQ: Not a beginner, but you may need to read a few Judy books!


6-7 Correct:

You're on your way to becoming a very knowledgeable fan! Keep up the good work.

Your IQ: You're in the intermediate level!


8-9 Correct:

Congratulations! You're a true Judy trivia lover!

Your IQ: Off the charts! You're an expert fan.


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