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My Collection

Judy With Frank SinatraSee Some of My Judy CollectiblesJudy With Frank Sinatra


Judy Judy On the Cover of


Two Life magazines are pictured here. The one on the left is about A Star is Born. It's quite interesting because the number that Judy's in costume for was cut from the movie. The one on the right is about Meet Me In St. Louis.

1936 Publicity Photo of Judy


This is an original still from 1936. I paid only 3 dollars for it and later found out that "at one point" it was autographed by Judy! Unfortunately, someone took the liberty of erasing it.

Judy On An Advertisemnt For Radios


This is an advertisement for a radio. It's a cut-out from a Life magazine. So, make sure you check old magazines for Judy advertisements. There may be some very interesting and valuable collectibles inside.

1954 Publicity Photo For


This is also an original still. It's sort of interesting because her eyes in this picture are blue.

Oz Marshmallows


Of course, no collection could be complete without a few out-of-the-ordinary pieces. These are Wizard of Oz marshmallows! I now have many different Oz marshmallows in my collection.

An Oz Cub Dispenser


Yes, even a Wizard of Oz cup-holder for the bathroom!

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