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My Collection

Judy And Gene Kelly On The Cover Of


This is a great magazine all about The Pirate.

Judy Garland Paper Dolls


These paper dolls are wonderful! If you love Judy, you've gotta have these. You can buy them at, which is where I got mine. Believe me, you'll want two. One to play with and one to keep nice!

Oz Playing Cards Tin

Oz Playing Cards Oz Playing Cards


Yes, even Oz playing cards. They come in there own collectible tin!

My Judy Garland Autograph


Above all the other pieces in my collection, this one has to be my most prized. It took me almost a year to pay it off, but it was worth the wait.


"Good luck and happiness, Judy Garland"

Thanks to Mr. Golden, for holding this for me for so long!

Judgment @ Nuremberg LP


The picture's not very clear on this, but this is a record from the film, "Judgment at Nuremberg." I'd never even heard of this record before I picked it up at an antique shop in Maryland. If anyone else has this record and knows something as to its value, please e-mail me and let me know! I'm anxious to find out more about it.

Well, those are just a few pieces in my collection. Later on I'll try to put up some pictures of my entire Judy room.

Comments or questions?

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