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This Month's Movie Quiz Champions are Katrina, Sean Orlosky, Whitney Hansen, Stacie Cook, Tina, Chad Linker, Sian Page & Samantha Haynie.....!!!

This Month's Movie Quiz Is:

  1. In Thoroughbreds Don't Cry, what was Judy eating while waiting to meet Mickey in the diner?

  2. What's the name of the actor who co-starred with Mickey & Judy in that film? ("Thoroughbreds")

  3. In Meet Me In St. Louis, what kind of perfume does Judy say she's wearing in the scene where they turn down the lights?

  4. After whom did Esther & Tootie name one of the snowpeople?

  5. To what studio was Judy loaned when she made Pigskin Parade?

Answers to last month's quiz: 1. A Piano 2. Embraceable You 3. Milk 4. Keenan Wynn 5. A World For Two

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