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This Month's Quote Quiz Champions are Manuela, Sean Orlosky, Adrienne Bowers, Lori, Syl Dankre, Monique & Julia!.....

This Month's Quote Quiz Is:

  1. What does Judy tell Marta Eggart (Isabel Rekay) she has permission to do when Judy speaks to her after doing an imitation of her in Presenting Lily Mars?

  2. What joke does Judy tell in the Minstrel Show number of Babes In Arms?

  3. Name the film in which Judy says "I may be little and I suppose I am insignificant.."?

  4. To whom was she speaking when she said that? (See above)

  5. Continue this line from I Could Go On Singing..."Do you think you can make me sing?"


Answers to last month's quiz: 1. Pigskin Parade 2. "Professor Eggleston in School." 3. Van Heflin 4. "The Pirate (Correction to this question: I meant to put Cutlass instead of Compass on the second line. Sorry!) 5. "...and a little more loving. Have a little more empathy and maybe we'd like each other a little bit more."

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